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Web site of the third edition of
Festival of Ancient Heritage
Svishtov, 4-6 June 2010

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(The organizers keep their right for changes in the program, for which you will be notified promptly)

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Friday, June 4th

11,00 h
  • Roman Town Novae, "Tourist Visitor Center": Ceremonial change of guard by Cohors I Thracum. Demonstrations of Roman artillery. Everyday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. until the end of the Festival.
14,00 h
  • On Videosat TV: TV Quiz, competing two teams of high-school students in history

16,00 h
  • At the Town Garden: Gruppo di Antropologia from Gruppo Storico Romano present – “August's testament”

17,00 h.
  • Municipality Svishtov’s Lobby: Unseen Empire exhibition (opening)

17,15 h
  • Hall 1 in Svishtov Municipality: A symposium about ancient civilizations: presentations and lectures on "Everyday life in Novae", "Construction works in Ancient Rome", „Water in Roman provinces”

20,00 h
  • The Monuments Site: Reception of Festival's Fire, carried by a boat on the Danube River. Presentation of the reenactment groups. Dances & rituals. Handling the senior of the reenactors the symbols of the town

Saturday, June 5th

    10,00 h
    • OPEN FOR VISITORS: Roman Castrum, Barbarian camp (Town Stadium), Info centers and craft shops at the Central Square. Everyday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. until the end of the Festival
    11,00 h
    • Town Stadium Academic:Ancient skills competition for kids from Svishtov and Belene. Training exercises of the reenactors.
    13,00 h
    • Roman Town Novae, "Tourist Visitor Center", Villa Extra Muros: Demonstrations of Cohors I Thracum and Roman artillery
    17,00 h
    • Town Stadium Academic: First demonstration of all reenactors (parade, battles)
    20,45 h
    • Kaleto Amphitheater: Official awarding of the prize for contribution to the protection of cultural and historical heritage.
    21,00 h
    • Kaleto Amphitheater, Opera: Vincenzo Bellini's Norma - Opera & Philharmonic Society - Rousse; first participation of reenactors in an opera, in interlude – Thracian rituals by the Baghatur reenactment group

    Sunday, June 6th

    10,00 h
    • Town Stadium Academic: OPEN FOR VISITORS: Roman Castrum, Barbarian camp
    11,00 h
    • Villa Extra Muros, behind the Tourist Visitor Center: Ritual for discharging the Praetorian Guard (Gruppo Storico Romano)
    12,00 h
    • Tourist Visitor Center, Villa Extra Muros: presentation of Roman dishes with degustation
    16,00 h
    • Kaleto Amphitheater: Thracian warrior skills - Baghatur reenactment group
    16,30 h
    • Kaleto Amphitheater: Ritual dances & Gladiators fights - Gruppo Storico Romano
    18,00 h
    • Roman Castrum (Town Stadium): Final ritual (battle)
    20,30 h
    • Central Square Aleko: Legionaries' parade through the streets of Svishtov to the Central Square Aleko. Official closing ceremony. Returning the symbols of the town to the Mayor.

    Vincenzo Bellini


    Tragedia lirica in due atti

    Libretto di Felice Romani


    Norma ... Elena Baramova - soprano

    Pollione ... Martin Iliev - tenore

    Adalgisa ... Olga Mihaylova-Dinova – mezzo-soprano

    Oroveso ... Plamen Beykov - basso

    Clotilde ... Petya Tsoneva – mezzo-soprano

    Flavio ... Stilian Minchev - tenore

    Coro ed orchestra del Opera di Russe

    Regista -Elena Ilieva

    Maestro del coro – Christo Stoev

    Joseph Gerdjikov ,direttore

On Saturday, May 29, First Thracian Cohort will do a demonstration in Pleven
On Sunday, May 30, the Cohort is in Veliko Tarnovo. You can watch live coverage of the event on ProBG TV between 8 and 8:30 AM...

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