Garda Apulum, Alba Iulia, Romania

Garda Apulum, Alba Iulia, Romania. Also known as The Cultural Association for Living History, our group operates under the influence of the National Museum of the Union Alba Iulia, Romania, since 2012.

We gather more than 80 reenactors from all over the country and we are divided into four groups: the XIII Gemina legion, Apoulon Wolfs – dacian warriors, Ludus Apulensis – gladiators and Magna Nemesis – roman/dacian dancers.

Our re-enactment activities are deeply related to the ancient times of Alba Iulia, when the first settlement was build by the Romans, immediately after their victory against the kingdom of Dacia (106 AD). This is the moment when our city, Alba Iulia, enters officially in history.

Motivated by our rich ancient patrimony we try every year to bring back to life and to show how our ancestors, Romans and Dacians, lived and fought. So we are proud to be the co-organizers of the greatest Roman festival from Romania (Festivalul Roman Apulum) and the festival of Dacian Fortresses, a well known brand of Alba County. Our activity includes living history lessons each week in Alba Iulia, many festivals across the country (more than 100 since our establishment) and also in countries like Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Belgium, Russia, Belgium and Switzerland.